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Having experienced technical IT support available when you need it stops minor issues from bringing your business to a halt.

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IT Support On Demand When You Need IT.

Having access to experienced technicians ensures that minor speed bumps remain minor, and don’t result in a significant disruption to staff and their workflows. Located in Melbourne our IT support staff can visit you onsite or help you anywhere around Australia.

Avoid costly downtime

Every business has a cost associated with downtime. Downtime could cause staff overtime, or it could result in lost sales. Whatever the result, downtime means money lost, and having skilled support available minimizes this loss.
fit out and relocations

Keep staff working

Every hour that staff don’t have access to their tools and data is an hour of payroll wasted. We can help you develop a plan B so that even in the event of a significant outage, staff are able to keep working with minimal disruption.

Polite and helpful

Facing IT challenges can be frustrating. Our staff understand this, and are always polite and helpful and will do their best to address not only the technical side of issues, but also the human aspect. A calm voice and a smile go a long way!

Preventative maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even though we use the metric system, we still very much believe in this statement. Our staff will pro-actively fix problems with an eye to preventing them from happening again.

Responsive Remote IT Support Melbourne

It’s hard to quantify the value of good remote tech support. Normally, we respond to incidents quickly and effectively and interruptions are minimal. However, without a support arrangement in place, even small technical challenges can bring one or more staff members’ work to a halt which has outward ripple effects throughout an organisation’s operations.

Accel IT offers a full service tech support helpdesk that can help you to be sure that minor incidents that staff inevitably experience in their day to day work stay just that: minor.



Why You Need an Incident Response Plan?

The way your business IT support services respond to a cybersecurity incident will determine the severity of the impact of the incident on your business.

Suffering a cyberattack is bad enough, but the consequences can worsen when you face lawsuits from shareholders and hefty penalties from data security regulators. Your insurance company may even deny your claim if you had not taken predetermined security steps before the incident occurred.

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For all onsite it support services, we charge $185 per hour. With a minimum of 1 hour on-site and 30 minutes for remote support. 

If you're a growing business the requires Managed IT support, we offer unlimited remote support and maintenance.

No, we believe that if a customer is unhappy with our services, they should have the right to leave. 

No, all of our IT support techs are located in Australia. 

Our typical sales hours are 9AM to 5:00PM. However, we can provide 24/7 IT support depending on your needs.

Yes, we have the capabilities to remote and assist users anywhere in the world. All you require is to download a remote assistance tool which we would provide. 

No, we only handle (B2B) business IT support services. 

Yes, we do cover on-site IT services. We can provide 24/7 onsite support however the cost will vary depending on time. 

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Importance of IT Support for your business

Technology plays a vital role in the success of businesses of all sizes. Companies rely on IT systems to operate efficiently and effectively, and any downtime or issues can have a significant impact on productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s important for businesses to invest in IT support services, such as those offered by top IT consultants in Melbourne.

IT support services encompass a wide range of services and technologies that are designed to help businesses manage their IT systems and ensure they are operating at peak performance. These services may include everything from hardware and software installation and maintenance, to network security and data backup and recovery. IT consultants can help businesses develop IT strategies that align with their business objectives, as well as provide guidance on the latest trends and technologies.

What are the benifits of outsourced IT support services?

One of the key benefits of IT support services is that they help businesses avoid downtime and ensure their systems are up and running at all times. For example, Accel IT can monitor your network to identify potential issues before they become major problems, allowing them to proactively address issues and avoid costly downtime. This can help:

  • Maintain high levels of productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce risk of data loss.
  • Reduce risk of data breaches.
  • Save money in the long run.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense to invest in IT support, the cost of not having reliable IT systems in place can be far greater. For example, if a company’s network goes down and they are unable to process orders or serve customers, the lost revenue and productivity can far outweigh the cost of investing in IT support services. Additionally, IT consultants can help businesses identify areas where they can streamline their IT systems and reduce costs, such as by implementing cloud computing solutions or upgrading to more efficient hardware.

Why should I need IT consulting?

IT consulting services are also valuable for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Top IT consultants in Melbourne can provide businesses with insights into the latest trends and technologies, as well as guidance on how to implement these technologies in a way that aligns with their business goals. This can help businesses stay competitive in their industry and attract new customers who are looking for businesses with modern, efficient IT systems. 

By investing in IT support, businesses can avoid downtime, save money in the long run, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology trends. With the help of top IT consultants in Melbourne, businesses can develop IT strategies that align with their business objectives and ensure their IT systems are operating at peak performance.

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