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Business data is the most important asset in today’s organisations. We can help you be certain that your data is always safe.

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Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Even the best laid plans run into unforeseen events. When disaster strikes, it is imperative to be prepared. No business can afford to be caught off guard.

Active monitoring

Like all systems, backup systems need maintenance and monitoring to ensure that they are doing their job. It is common for backup systems fail, and for this to go unnoticed until it is too late!

Off-site cloud backups

Having a backup is required for any business. However, disasters such as water leaks or fires can destroy primary systems as well as their backups. Off-site backups add additional protection against disasters like this.

Rapid recovery

Quickly being able to retrieve data after an accidental deletion or other data loss event is important, because the time between needing data and having that data available directly affects the incident’s cost to the business.

Standby Facility Maintenance

For businesses with high costs associated with downtime, Accel iT can assist in the deployment of “hot standby” systems, such as a second server with replicated data or secondary sites with duplicate IT infrastructure.

The Critical Importance of Backups

Nobody in today’s world can deny the importance of reliable backups. However, understanding backup systems requires experience. There are a lot of different types of backups to choose from and even more ways to configure them.

The decisions that are made when a backup system is being selected, deployed, and managed are extremely important. They determine the right balance between backup cost and the organisation’s needs as well as reliability and data availability.

Accel IT are experienced backup service providers, and will help you to ensure that the backup systems that you choose are the right match for your organisation’s needs and budget.

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It's true that Microsoft does backup their SharePoint data between data centres. But what most people don’t know is that these backups are primarily used for disaster recovery, and not for on-demand end-user restore jobs. So yes, you DO need to back up your online Sharepoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, and GDrive facilities.

We offer 3 types of backups:

  1. File based backups
  2. VM based backups
  3. FS based backups

Which backup type is used depends heavily on a particular scenario, the importance and nature of the data being backed up, the client's budget, and to some degree, the preferences of the client. There's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

Yes, we like to perform what we call a disaster recovery dry run. Where we will spin up a virtual environment and restore to that destination and test the backups integrity.

All data is securely backed up in multiple locations across Melbourne and Sydney. We ensure that all data stays within Australia.

Backup costs are dependent on three factors:

  1. The total size of the backup
  2. The frequency that the backups are taken
  3. The speed that the data must be accessible

We typically charge $45 per month to access our backup platforms, with a charge of $10 per 100gb thereafter. For this, our customers get daily backups as a standard, 14 day retention, and one day recovery in the event of data loss. We also offer more frequent backups as well as faster recovery if that is needed.

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