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Setting up or moving offices requires careful planning and execution. Our experienced team will get your IT working on time.

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Beyond The Equipment

IT is not all technical systems and jargon. Productivity rests on a comfortable and relaxed environment where staff can focus on tasks without interruption or distraction. An awareness of this is a rarity in the IT industry!

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User Comfort

Aesthetics and ergonomics are often overlooked in IT. However, anyone who has spent time working in an office environment will tell you that they are important considerations for keeping staff comfortable and productive.

Physical Security

It is easy to forget that physical security is still as relevant as cyber security. Accel IT can provide a full range of physical security solutions such as CCTV, electronic door access controls, door intercom systems, and more.
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Walk out, Walk in

Moving offices can be an exhausting and tedious process. Leave it with us. We will arrange everything from dismantling equipment at the original location, secure transport, reassembly at the new location, and testing. No worries!
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Project Planning

Technical projects, by their nature, are difficult to plan and execute. Accel IT conducts the planning process by working with clients to ensure that the right decisions are made

Why choose Accel IT for your fitout?

Setting up an office or relocating is hard enough without having to worry about the technical considerations of network setups, server configurations, internet and phone connectivity, and security management.

Installing IT equipment in an office requires careful consideration. Ensuring that networking equipment, servers, and cabling are put in the right locations will avoid days or even weeks of headaches. Installations where security is a major consideration may require additional careful planning.

Relocating is even harder. IT equipment is easily damaged, very expensive, and often not designed to be transported. Regular movers may not understand these considerations and could treat $15,000 servers or graphic design workstations as though they are just big toasters. You need staff who understand the value of what they are moving and have the experience to know how to avoid damage.

So, if you don’t want to have to worry about the technical aspects of installing or moving your IT infrastructure, then it’s a great idea to leave it to a team who know the drill. Accel iT is more than happy to do the heavy lifting.

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Yes. We do our best to provide "walk out / walk in" services. This means that you and your staff can walk out of your old premises and then walk into your new premises and get working without delay. 

While our moving staff strive to be as careful as possible, it is unfortunately possible that accidents may happen. We manage this risk by ensuring that all data is backed up and that we have insurance to cover equipment.  

Any business with fixed IT equipment. 

We are able to move 7 days a week, we just ask that you give us enough time to plan the move. Typically, we would need a minimum of 7 days' notice. 

Yes, we are able to move your IT equipment from any location in Australia to any other location in Australia. This includes moving from state to state (interstate). 

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