About Accel iT

Why We Do What We Do


Accel iT was founded on the idea that the IT industry, as it exists today, does not truly meet the needs of business and enterprise clients.

Clients often do not understand what IT providers do or how they do it. They do not understand the recommendations that are made about their own businesses, and are often pushed into “solutions” that may not be the best available or most suitable.

Every client knows that IT services are indispensable, yet all too often IT service providers take advantage of the fact that they know more about clients’ systems than the clients themselves.

Accel iT does not consider any of this to be acceptable. We make your business, our business. If something bothers you, then it bothers us. If you want an IT provider that you can understand and trust, then Accel iT is the provider you’ve been looking for.

Our Mission

To deliver IT services to our clients with the following commitments:
  1. To put the client and their needs first when recommending products and services.
  2. To always ensure that clients fully understand what they are paying for.
  3. To treat our client’s considerations with the same concern as our own.
  4. To never prevent a client from moving away from us, should they ever decide to do so.
It is our hope that these commitments will allow us to achieve our goal of being the premier provider of IT services in Australia.

Why Choose Us?

Some reasons to consider us as your IT partner



We do not hold our clients to lock in contracts. Our clients remain with us because they trust us and are happy with our service, and not because they are contractually bound.



Our clients’ challenges are our challenges. No matter how complex or difficult the issue, our staff will not rest until you have confidence that it has been comprehensively resolved.



We do not partner with vendors, which means we never recommend solutions based on margins or commissions; we will only ever recommend solutions that genuinely meet your needs.



Our team members are among the best. We have deep experience with a broad range of technologies and platforms, which makes us ideal partners for clients with complex needs.

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

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