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When your industry is the primary target of hackers, your IT provider needs to be at the top of their game. The real estate industry can be a real target to phishing scams and other attacks.

Document Management

Real estate agencies need effective document management. Whether the documents reside in the cloud, on agents’ PCs, or on the company server, it is imperative that they be accessible when and where they are needed. Accel IT can help ensure that your systems protect the files that you need, and that your business is not harmed by access disruptions.
Managed IT Services


It is essential that employees and divisions adhere to your business's policies, as having a policy in place is only half of it. When it comes to IT services, find an IT partner that can assist you to handle compliance management with their expertise and cutting-edge tools, so that security standards are not just met initially, but remain maintained over time. Similarly, when it comes to real estate matters, it is important to have trust in those who understand the nuances of such transactions.

Remote Access for Agents

Remote computer access is an important tool for real estate staff, as it allows them to access the necessary IT services from anywhere. This can be especially beneficial for agents who are on the go and need to manage their documents, customer contracts and emails without having to rely on a physical office location. Remote access also ensures that all data related to real estate transactions is secure and easily accessible at any time.
database backup and recovery

Data Storage

It's no secret that it services have become a necessity in the real estate industry. With more and more data being collected, stored, and used on a daily basis, it's essential that it be kept safe. This is especially true for agencies dealing with real estate transactions, as they are responsible for keeping confidential files intact. To ensure their data is secure, real estate agencies should partner with a reliable it service provider for secure data storage.

Managed IT Services for Real Estate Agencies

Like any business, real estate agencies rely heavily on their IT systems. Not only that, crucial information and documents need to be available on time every time to ensure that property transactions go smoothly. Being a heavily regulated industry, a lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of real estate agencies, which means they need to be well organised and well protected against data loss, human error, and security breaches. Accel IT is well equipped to ensure that you have all these bases covered.

Managed IT Services can play a crucial role in helping real estate agencies to operate efficiently and stay ahead of their competition. By outsourcing IT tasks to a Managed Services Provider (MSP), real estate agencies can free up their internal resources and focus on their core business operations.

Managed IT Services for real estate agencies typically include 24/7 monitoring and support for hardware and software, data backup and recovery, network security, and email hosting. MSPs can also provide consulting services to help agencies select and implement new technology solutions that will improve their productivity and enhance their customer experience. With Managed IT Services, real estate agencies can improve their operational efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime or security breaches.

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