Data Cabling & Rack Management

Properly installed and configured structured cabling is crucial for businesses using computer devices. Incorrect setup can lead to IT roadblocks such as slow service and downtime.

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Business IT systems are notorious for being messy and hard to maintain. Often, they are set up quickly and items are added over time without planning or oversight. This results in horrific IT cabinets that are difficult to maintain reliably. Under these circumstances, small changes can result in major outages due to unexpected results that take a long time to diagnose and fix.

Accel IT says no to this. Our technicians always ensure that cable work is neat, system design is clear, and IT is set up for long term maintainability.

Unmanaged data cabling in your network rack can be hurting your business.

Data Cabling & Rack Management

Unmanaged Cabling

Messy cabling arrangements not only make maintenance tasks challenging and time-consuming but also create obstacles when upgrading to new technologies and implementing advancements.

Decreased Office Space

Office space is often occupied beyond necessity, resulting in inefficiency and wasted resources. Additionally, excessive noise pollution can disrupt productivity and create distractions.

Longer Downtime

Inconsistent rack layouts across different sites result in increased maintenance costs, primarily due to prolonged troubleshooting processes. It could also be a potential fire hazard.


Carelessness in cabling can serve as an indicator of carelessness in general. The way wiring is installed and maintained can reflect the level of attention to detail and professionalism in a broader sense.

Data Cable Standards For Your Business

Different situations require varying strategies when it comes to implementing structured cabling standards. For instance, working on a converted older building may necessitate innovative solutions, whereas modern office buildings are designed with these codes in mind.

Considerations such as manufacturer warranties and future scalability further impact cabling requirements. Structured cabling is more complex than it appears, emphasizing the importance of engaging experts like Accel IT who possess a deep understanding of best practices in this field.


Our process begins with a network assessment, followed by designing a cabling roadmap that aligns with your business requirements. We then proceed to install your cabling, adhering to the latest best practices. We always follow the following best practices: 

  • Providing ample slack in the lines
  • Cable Testing and Documentation
  • Utilizing cable ties instead of tape
  • Use only High-Quality Components
  • Maintaining a minimum 1 metre distance from fluorescent lights
  • Implementing floor protectors to cover any exposed cabling
  • Adequate Ventilation and Cooling

We Partner With Industry Leaders


We use a range of different cables depending on your requirements. 

  • Ethernet Cables (CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7)
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Shielded Twisted Pair Cabling (STP)
  • Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling (UTP)
  • USB Cables
  • HDMI Cables
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Low Voltage Data Cabling

Yes, Plenum-rated Ethernet cables are typically required in commercial buildings, such as office spaces, schools, hospitals, and government facilities, where strict fire codes and regulations are enforced. They provide an extra layer of safety by minimizing the risk of fire propagation through the building's HVAC systems, helping to protect occupants and mitigate property damage during an emergency.

Structured cabling is a standardized approach to designing and managing a comprehensive cabling infrastructure. It provides a reliable and scalable network foundation, connecting various communication systems. Benefits include improved performance, reduced downtime, and future adaptability.

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