New Leaf Medical

About New Leaf

New Leaf Medical Centre is a healthcare facility dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalised medical care to individuals and families.

Their centre is staffed with experienced and compassionate doctors who are committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness.


New Leaf Medical is a new healthcare business that specializes in providing medical care to patients in North Melbourne area. As a new business, they required an IT infrastructure that would support their operations and enable them to provide quality services to their clients.

Project Scope
  • Setup Windows Server, AD, SQL etc..
  • Configure all medical software’s with Vendors.
  • Setup SIP PBX.
  • Add DR solution.
  • Setup firewall and security.
  • Migrate email to Office 365
  • Add offsite backups

"As a new business in the healthcare industry, we required a robust IT infrastructure that would support our operations and enable us to provide quality services to our clients. We are grateful to have partnered with Accel IT, who helped us set up our entire IT infrastructure. They helped us select the right hardware and software applications, implemented cloud-based solutions to improve data management and security, and set up our network and telecommunication systems. Since implementing the new system, we have seen a significant improvement in our operations. We highly recommend Accel IT Services to any business looking to set up their IT infrastructure."

- Dr Mohammad Khan
General Practitioner, Director, MBBS, FRACGP


While setting up a new business from scratch can be challenging, the process of setting up New Leaf Medical’s IT infrastructure was relatively straightforward. This was because there were no existing IT systems in place, which made it easier to select and implement the right hardware and software applications to meet their business requirements. The only real challenge we faced was to have the server hardware and vendor software be up and running before a certain deadline. 


Our team at Accel IT Services worked closely with New Leaf Medical’s management to understand their unique business requirements and challenges. We conducted a thorough analysis of their IT infrastructure needs and developed a comprehensive solution that included setting up their entire IT infrastructure. 

We provided consultation on selecting the right hardware and software applications and implemented cloud-based solutions to improve data management and security. We also set up their network and telecommunication systems.



Despite deadline challenges, we were able to successfully implement the new IT infrastructure for New Leaf Medical on time and within budget. The new system has enabled them to provide quality services to their clients, regardless of their location. The cloud-based solutions implemented have improved data management and security, which is critical in the healthcare industry.

Additionally, their employees are now more productive, which has had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. The management at New Leaf Medical is thrilled with the results and has expressed their satisfaction with the excellent services provided by Accel IT Services.

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