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About Area Specialist Casey

Area Specialist we have selected the finest agents around the country for their local area knowledge, integrity, and enviable track record.

We help our agents create their own brand and business to ensure greater accountability, customer service and results. Our agents know your market best, with a deep understanding of the local communities in which they operate.


Area Specialist Casey reached out to Accel IT requiring assistance setting up their new franchise in the Casey region. They required a system which allowed for future expansion that was reliable and could be accessed by agents on the road.

Accel IT implemented a wide range of services which assisted Area Specialist Casey, the project scope included:

  • Remote access to agents and staff with an RDS server (Remote desktop services)
  • CRM system setup & installation on the server.
  • Cloud & On-premises backup solution.
  • Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365 solutions.
  • Network security and firewall configuration.
  • Setup of the VoIP services.
  • Configure, monitor, and supply computer systems.

"When we started our real-estate Business one of my friends recommended me Accel IT for our IT solution. Since then, Accel IT have given us a very good and quick service. We are very happy to have selected Accel IT. I would definitely recommend everybody to select Accel IT for your IT solution"

- Amrit Kuar, Managing Director


As this was a new franchise opening in the City Casey area, we did not have real limitations when it came to technology. There was no old hardware or existing infrastructure that we needed to migrate from. Being able to start from ground zero really makes it easier when setting up a new network infrastructure. The real challenges we had faced was keeping the project within budget and have the system live and ready for use within a shorter than expected time period. 


The initial stages of the project we had worked closely with the team at Area Specialist Casey, advising them on the best practices when it came to setting up a reliable and flexible network infrastructure.

We had gone down the route of configuring a virtual environment using Xen Orchestra better known as XenServer.

We had split off the server into multiple virtual machines.

  1. PDC – MS Server running as the Primary Domain Controller, which would also tie in with Microsoft Azure AD connect.
  2. SQL/FS – MS Server SQL database to run the required CRM software and file storage.
  3. RDS – MS Server running Remote desktop services for staff and agents access the network remotely.
  4. OpenVPN – Linux VM which would run OpenVPN services for the clients connecting in with RDS.
In addition, we had also implemented VoIP solution across the whole office which had an IVR system, voice to email, call parking and other features.  
We had also launched our Accel MSP+ software which allowed us to remotely manage and support the team at Area specialist Casey. 

There was a lot of planning and setup involved in this project as there had been no previous infrastructure or standard operating procedures in place.

As with any IT project, we were faced with some difficulties which we had overcomed with ease.

Area Specialist Casey has been with Accel IT for well over 5 years and we are still providing managed network services, backups and VoIP services without any hiccups.  

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