Find out why businesses switch to Microsoft 365

Microsofrt Office 365 new icons on a PC screen. Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of subscriptions that provide productivity software

Why Switch to Microsoft Office 365?

Most individuals who run a business are thinking about migrating to an online productivity suite.

One of the most successful suites in this regard is Microsoft’s Office 365, which has become one of the most dominant tools in its category available today. It has a near seamless integration with cloud based services, allowing it to open new avenues for businesses when it comes to collaboration and significantly boosting productivity. It is not a far off bet, to say that Microsoft’s productivity suite is revolutionary in its management of operating systems and computing.

Here are a few reasons why switching to Office 365 can be beneficial for your organisation.

1. Connectivity

Being a cloud based service, Microsoft Office 365 provides web enabled access to practically every single component of your computing. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can have access to your files no matter the device you use, or the location you are in. Whether it is documents, contacts or calendars, they can all be easily accessed with a simple internet connection.

2. Security

Microsoft Office 365 is considered as one of the most secure cloud services in existence. This is one of the reasons why Office 365 is consistently used by some of the largest enterprises in the world who are comfortable with trusting their information and data stores with a highly secure cloud environment. This security is also highly conducive to permitting and controlling access for employees, allowing an organisation to set permissions based on employee role or even name.

3. Data

As mentioned previously, the data that is stored on the cloud can be accessed at any point. However, one of the biggest advantages is that due to this continued access, the data has dozens of recovery points, which greatly reduces the chances of suffering a high level of data loss to the point where a file cannot be recovered. Thanks to the large number of backups made by Office 365, you can be assured that your data will have several restore points, allowing it to survive even the most severe of disasters or technical breakdowns.

4. Scalability

Sometimes a business can see an unprecedented level of success that can lead to a rapid amount of growth. This means that restructuring, your IT environment becomes a process of paramount importance. In this regard, Office 365 is especially proficient at allowing you to seamlessly input new solutions and add additional data storage in a very short amount of time without costing a large amount of money. This means that Office 365 effectively scales with your business, making it imperative as part of an IT infrastructure setup.

5. Programs

Coming from Microsoft, it should be no surprise to know that an Office 365 subscription allows you to have access to the most recent versions of every single program that exists in the Microsoft Office suite. With applications like Word, Outlook, and Excel having an irreplaceable position in any office setting, this is undoubtedly important for most organisations.