AccelProtect – Protecting your business from the inside out. 

AccelProtect – Protecting your business from the inside out. 

Not having IT security is like having a luxury car with state-of-the-art locks, but leaving the windows open in a high-crime neighborhood. On Friday the 13th.

Today’s businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to function, communicate, and grow. Yet, it’s surprising how often IT security takes a backseat until disaster strikes. When a business’s digital assets are compromised, the consequences can be devastating – from financial losses to reputation damage.

If you’re already an exsisting AccelCare (Managed IT Services) customer, just as you invest in car insurance on top of your vehicle’s regular services, it’s equally crucial to invest in robust IT security to protect your business’s critical and sensitive data.

So what does Accel IT Protect offer?

DNS SecurityManaged EDRDevice Security
– Block malicious domains
– Up-to minute global block list
– Reduce malware, spyware and botnets.
– Prevent callbacks
– Improve search privacy
– 24/7 threat hunting
– Protect against malicious footholds.
– Deploy canaries / traps
– Reduce ransomware threats
– Detect zero day viruses
– Live asset tracking
– GPS/ Wi-Fi triangulations
– Remote lock and wipe
– Full disk encryption
– Setup geo fences with alerts
– Multi Factor Authentication

By combining these security measures, organizations can build a robust defense against cyber threats and significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and data compromises. It is essential to regularly update and improve these measures to stay ahead of evolving threats in the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape. Working with experienced cybersecurity professionals or Managed Services providers can also ensure that these security practices are properly implemented and maintained.

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