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Office 365 Migration Services

Microsoft cloud services have become increasingly popular in the corporate sphere, with many companies deem it an essential requirement in their IT infrastructure. It is no surprise, then, that the number of Office 365 migrations in the last year have seen a significant boost. This is understandable considering that Microsoft has been at the forefront of cloud computing, one of the largest and oldest cloud service platforms. The multitude of Apps that the service provides has become integral to carry out day-to-day functions for most corporate processes. Accel IT has been the most preferred office 365 migration support consultant for many businesses in Melbourne. We can help you with seamless and least disruptive office 365 migration services.

Office 365 migration Services with and without Microsoft Exchange

If an enterprise is not using Office 365, they are probably operating on Microsoft Exchange, a mail and calendaring server developed by Microsoft for business solutions. These migrations can be relatively complex, and the more smooth the migration is, the faster a business can get back on track. There are many ways to facilitate Exchange to Office 365 migration. Let’s take a look at some migration paths for Office 365, both with and without Exchange.

Exchange to Office 365 Migration
Cutover Migrations

Cutover Office 365 Migration Services

These types of migrations do not span over an extended time. Rather the migration is meant to be done in one instance. As expected of migration of this nature, it is best used for Exchange server organisations with a low volume of mailboxes, roughly lower than 1000. If the mailbox volume is larger than this, then because the migration needs to occur in one shot, it ends up taking an extremely large amount of time. For this reason, a cutover migration is not recommended for most organisations, whether large or small. However, businesses with a small number of employees (like homerun businesses or small restaurants) can avail of this type of migration.

IMAP Office 365 Migration support consulting

For companies that do not use Exchange servers, IMAP migrations are the way to go for Office 365 migrations. This is more common than one might think, as many organisations use non-exchange email systems for their internal correspondence like Gmail and Yahoo. It is important to remember that an IMAP migration will only import emails from the servers. This means that additional important information like calendars, contacts, and upcoming tasks will be lost in the process of Office 365 migration.

office 365 migration
Microsoft Cloud Services

Hybrid Office 365 Migrations support services

As the name implies, this migration type of Office 365 Migration services is fairly flexible though complicated at times. This migration path allows an enterprise to integrate Office 365 with on-premises Exchange servers allowing them to synchronise and manage user accounts for both environments seamlessly. The fact that this type of migration is only supported for organisations with over 2000 mailboxes might explain why large enterprises favour it.

Staged Office 365 Migrations services

It is one of the simplest forms of Exchange to Office 365 migration; this path involves moving everything from Exchange servers to the Office 365 cloud in batches rather than a singular drawn-out process. It should be noted that this option is not available for companies using Exchange 2010 or above.

At Accel IT, we have extensive experience as Office 365 migrations support consultants. We’ll guide you through the various office 365 migration services and execute the best type that fits your needs outstandingly with our skilled technicians. We can ensure that your migration process is taken care of and that you are free to focus on your business.

IMAP Migrations

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